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Forbraíodh Echo Chemical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd ó leasaithigh traidisiúnta Parabens agus Sóidiam Parabens ó 1990idí. Le 30 bliain anuas, tá leathnú déanta againn ar ár sraith táirgí Antiseptics agus leasaithigh chun uasghrádú a dhéanamh ar bheartais um chosaint an chomhshaoil ​​na Síne agus an treocht nua clárúcháin domhanda a mheaitseáil.



We access our own plants and associated sites in Shanxi, Zhejiang and Shandong provinces. The headquarter of EC tech is located in Shanghai, the economic center of China. R&D Lab is established in Guangzhou, the center of final Personal Care products manufacturing zone.

Echo Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is engaged in the fine and special chemicals including antiseptics, preservatives, antidandruff agent to the fields of sanitizers, Household & institutional cleansers, disinfectants, hygiene, Personal Care,  pharmaceuticals, leather, , pesticide, etc.



The team of Echo are chemist experts that have focused on these products around 20 years. We are especially familiar to the supply chain of Clóraoxylenol (PCMX), DiChloroxylenol (DCMX) and the upstream materials -downstream final formulations.  The experience in production, application and International business make Echo be able to provide rather efficient support to her clients globally.

* Chemical production experiences near 30 years
* Extensive export experiences over 20 years
* Advantage DCS Technology of the production lines
* GMP & ISO experiences to ensure Stable and Reliable Quality Assurance
* Own Lab of R&D and Test
* Separated sites in Chemical Zones match Chinese Environmental Protection and Safety policies to ensure sustainable supply
* Application solutions
* Internal packing drums production facilities



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